6 HIIT Cycling Workouts You Can Do On Your Indoor Cycle For A Fun Cardio Routine

Let’s be honest: a long, steady ride on an indoor bike can take forever. HIIT cycling workouts, on the other hand, can pass the time as you challenge your body and mind with varying levels of effort, work intervals, and recovery breaks.

Generally speaking, HIIT, or high intensity interval training, refers to repeated sets of intervals lasting between five seconds and one minute, with a relatively short rest period. Cycling trainer and certified personal trainer Marissa Axell tells SELF that while she tends to prescribe a 2: 1 work time / recovery time ratio, there are still many benefits to longer rest intervals. , especially for the more genial pop fans.

As SELF previously reported, HIIT is a type of anaerobic exercise, which means it doesn’t depend on oxygen to produce the energy your body needs for your workout. Instead, it taps into your fast-acting energy pathways to produce it, allowing you to go hard, but not for an extended period. With HIIT, the focus is on intensity, so it’s no surprise that many of its benefits relate to power, speed, and explosiveness.

“HIIT improves your VO2 max – the speed at which your body processes oxygen, a huge indicator of fitness – your anaerobic capacity, your neuromuscular power and your sprint,” said Christine D’Ercole, Peloton and cycling instructor. world track champion, Christine D’Ercole. . “Even if you are not a [competitive] cyclists, they are fun because they force you to focus on very short durations, so they are incredibly engaging.

That’s why many popular fitness apps, like Peloton and iFit, use HIIT-based protocols in their classes, which can be a great introduction to this type of workout. But the great thing about HIIT is that it also really lends itself to self-directed workouts, which can be a godsend when you want to reduce screen time during your session, or if you just want to customize. your routine depending on what your body is. research that day. After all, a self-directed workout allows you to shorten or lengthen your commute and effort depending on your needs and your energy level at that time.

Sometimes, however, you want some advice on this indoor cycling bike, especially if you are new to this particular piece of equipment, or if you had only ridden in fitness classes or via apps before. As a former certified cycling instructor, I have always incorporated high intensity intervals into every class I have taught because they are engaging, effective, and honestly quite fun. Here are six HIIT cycling workouts that you can try on your indoor bike that will pass the time.

1. A solid warm-up

Before you start your intervals, warming up with at least five to 10 minutes of easier cycling can gradually increase your heart rate and circulate blood to your muscles. This warm-up lasts less than 15 minutes and is similar to the one that D’Ercole uses for his Peloton classes. It allows your body to calm down in intensity and prepares your heart and lungs for the intense efforts to come.

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