Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors For Your Living Room

Until a few years ago, your TV and movie viewing options were limited to an 80-inch flat-screen TV or a home theater projector in a dedicated dark room that required a lot of space to display a screen. picture also great.

Over the past two years, Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors have become a growing category in the home theater segment. These are super bright projectors that sit directly below the screen, giving you a huge display without the need for a long projection distance.

These near-screen projectors are also known as laser TVs because they are a perfect replacement for living room TVs. When you pair one of these laser televisions with a ultra short throw projection screen, you get a picture that crushes any regular TV in size.

Best Ultra Short Throw Projector

Hisense L9G

Hisense L9G

Hisense recently introduced the new Hisense L9G TriChroma laser TV. This new triple laser projector offers an incredibly detailed image and vibrant colors. The TriChroma laser engine achieves an incredible 107% of the BT.2020 color space providing over a billion potential colors.

With 3000 lumens of brightness, this UST projector is one of the brightest available, making it the perfect replacement for the living room television.

And while it doesn’t perform as well as the Samsung LSP9T triple UST laser, the Hisense TriChroma still delivers exceptional visuals at a lower price point (especially since it comes with a rejecting ultra short throw projection screen. ambient light).

The Hisense L9G comes with a 100-inch ambient light rejection screen in the Hisense 100L9G or a 120-inch projector screen in the Hisense 120L9G. You save big with this set of screens instead of buying the projector and screen separately.

Reasons to buy

  • 3000 lumens super bright triple laser light source
  • You save a lot of money by purchasing this projector with the ALR screen
  • 107% of BT.2020 color space gives you some of the best colors available
  • 25,000 hour lifespan
  • Built-in solid 40W soundbar with Dolby Atmos
  • Hisense offers a 100-day no-regret return policy for a limited time

Reasons to avoid

  • Limited to a screen size of 100 or 120 inches
  • .47 “chipset compared to other triple lasers with the .67”
  • Although it looks very cool, the shiny frame reflects some light off the bottom of the screen.
  • Does not come with Netflix

Ultra short throw with the absolute best image

Samsung LSP9T

Samsung The Premiere LSP9T Ultra Short Throw Projector
Samsung The Premier LSP9T

When the Samsung LSP9T was launched, there was a lot of interest in this 4K UST. And that still amazes us.

The LSP9T is perfect for TV and movie enthusiasts who want a truly immersive movie experience. This top of the range Samsung ultra short throw offers a crisp image up to 130 inches.

The Samsung Premiere LSP9T is absolutely one of the best 4K UST projectors available on the market in almost every respect. Its triple laser technology offers revolutionary contrast details and delivers a super bright image with incredibly vibrant colors.

Reasons to buy

  • Can output an image up to 130 inches
  • Very short throw distance
  • Triple laser light source produces some of the most stunning and vivid colors
  • Superior motion management
  • Excellent black levels and contrast
  • Powered by 0.66 “DLP chipset delivering superior detail
  • Uses the Samsung TV interface that many people are used to
  • Sits very close to the screen compared to other USTs

Reasons to avoid

  • Some laser spots are sometimes noticeable depending on the screen you associate it with
  • Some people report seeing the rainbow effect (we didn’t) due to the triple laser shot
  • There is a little red tint
  • Still has a high price that might scare some people
  • Only available in a white frame

Best value for money at ultra short throw

Optoma CinemaX P2

Optoma P2 Cinemax Ultra Short Throw Projector
Optoma CinemaX P2

When it comes to the best value for money, the Optoma CinemaX P2 ultra-short throw takes the cake. The Optoma P2 balances a low price with fantastic visuals. It is powered by a 3000 lumen laser light source, making it perfect for well-lit rooms when paired with an ultra short throw projection screen.

With a modest price tag and exceptional picture quality, the Optoma P2 offers more value than any other laser TV.

Reasons to buy

  • Super bright 3000 lumen laser light source
  • Very precise colors
  • 120% of Rec. Color gamut 709
  • One of the best built-in soundbars of any laser TV
  • Available in a white body and a black

Reasons to avoid

  • Although more precise, the colors do not jump as much
  • Image is not amazing out of the box and requires some calibration
  • Not the sharpest image

Brightest ultra-short throw projector

Epson LS500

Epson LS500 Ultra Short Throw Projector
Epson LS500

The Epson LS500 Ultra Short Throw Projector does two things better than any other laser TV: it has the lowest input lag making it the best gaming projector and with 4000 lumens of brightness it is far the brightest UST available.

The Epson EpiqVision LS500 even gives you more for your money by giving you the option of pairing it with either a 100 Inch Where 120 inch ALR projection screen.

Reasons to buy

  • 4000 lumens make it the brightest laser TV available
  • Can be paired with 100 inch or 120 ambient light rejection screen, but still allows you variable image size
  • Incredibly low input latency of less than 17ms, making the LS500 one of the best gaming projectors
  • If you plan to place it in a very well-lit room, this is the best spotlight to get
  • Available in black and white

Reasons to avoid

  • Sits a little further back than other UST projectors
  • Image is not as sharp
  • The telescopic lens doesn’t look so stylish
  • To reach the 4000 lumens of brightness, the colors seem somewhat oversaturated
  • The built-in speakers are relatively weak

Best ultra short throw on a budget


VAVA 4K UST projector

If you’re looking to save money but still want a big screen experience in your living room, the Vava 4K UST projector is the way to go. The Vava certainly isn’t the best ultra short throw lens, but it’s a significant upgrade over other “wannabee” 4K laser TVs. With bright, vibrant colors and a low price tag, the Vava Laser TV is a great budget option.

Reasons to buy

  • One of the cheapest 4K laser TVs still worth buying
  • Available in black and white
  • Great for watching cartoons and video games
  • Claims he can shoot 150 inch images but starts to lose focus above 120 inches

Reasons to avoid

  • Colors seem oversaturated
  • Not as bright as other USTs
  • Although it has a higher contrast ratio when tested, this contrast does not appear in the image
  • Is further away from the screen
  • Customer support isn’t great

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