Ericsson Product Reuse Services for Telecom Networks

The quest for more sustainable business models is stronger than ever, and in recent years it has also become increasingly present in the telecommunications industry, and for good reason.

How can network equipment manufacturers help reduce carbon emissions in product production and use cycles, and how can they, at the same time, help their customers reduce emissions while providing Services ?

Take Ericsson as an example. Our biggest impact is known to be the energy consumed by products in the use phase. However, making more energy-efficient products is not enough. A significant portion of our carbon footprint comes from the supply chain, including the entire value chain from raw material extraction to customer sites. To achieve our ambition of zero carbon in our value chain by 2040, we must also reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain and enable circularity through reuse and recycling.

This is where the concept of circular economy comes into play.

The circular economy is seen as one of the keys to minimizing resource inputs and reducing waste and carbon emissions. It aims to maximize the efficiency of the use of finite resources and the transition to renewable resources. In addition, it emphasizes the recovery of materials and products at the end of their useful life. How?

We have the answer.

Don’t produce when you can reuse!

At Ericsson, we have a comprehensive portfolio of product reuse services for the refurbishment, reuse and recycling of telecommunications network equipment. Additionally, in 2021 Ericsson introduced its latest offering, refurbished network equipment, as a contribution to a more sustainable future and a great example of how we can enable circularity without compromise.

Through the process of buying back products from customers for refurbishment and reuse, we limit the extraction of new materials while extending the useful life of products. And to be sure to reduce environmental impact with a holistic life cycle perspective, Ericsson Product Reuse only offers roofing products that already have good energy performance. Compared to manufacturing a new equivalent, remanufacturing the product reduces supply chain carbon emissions by more than 90%.

We’re talking about making a change for real!

Why is it important to select a reliable supplier of reused network equipment?

Concerns about network equipment, especially refurbished ones, can be heard about their reliability in terms of security, quality and efficiency. This is why it is so important to choose trusted suppliers.

Ericsson Refurbished Network Equipment supports the full cycle, from support of a product to the time it is delivered to a customer, tested, upgraded with the latest revisions and full quality assurance, as well as delivered safely in its original packaging.

At Ericsson, we always ensure compliance with all legal requirements for data privacy and information security. We have strict procedures for storing and transporting equipment and only work with partners and suppliers who can meet all security requirements in our supply chain.

Any security problem in the network is considered as a threat to the overall security level of the network. That’s why data security and physical supply chain security are a crucial part of all testing, selection and repair activities for all Ericsson equipment, including refurbished equipment.

So our customers can be assured that Ericsson reconditioned equipment is completely reliable, without compromise!

Product reuse – a path to a more sustainable future

The technology industry (and telecommunications as an integral part of it) is the fastest growing market, with innovations and improvements in products and solutions occurring daily. Most of us are forced to think and act – when a new product comes out, you replace the old one (even if it’s not really “old”).

At Ericsson, we anticipate and always strive to improve our portfolio. A good example is the Ericsson radio system from 2015, with features already included to allow upgrading to 5G added to avoid early replacements. However, early replacements sometimes happen in our industry because customers always want to replace an earlier product with a newer model due to improved features.

Such a practice tells us that we need to be stronger in explaining the value of a sustainable approach in telecommunications. Because, as more and more research and studies show, if we want to achieve global sustainability, we must move from a linear economy model to a circular economy model. Product, reuse presents itself as an excellent solution, without an alternative, in fact.

Learn more about our work for sustainability and/or contact us if you’d like to learn more about refurbished network equipment and other product reuse offerings.

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