Impressive vaccination campaign surpasses 100 million mark

Umar urges masses to be beaten to protect themselves and their families


The country took an important step by administering 100 million vaccines during the national anti-Covid vaccination campaign, as the global pandemic continued its downward trend, the National Command and Operation Center said on Saturday ( NCOC).

Planning Minister Asad Umar, who heads NCOC – the nerve center of the government’s strategy to contain the spread of the coronavirus, said in a video message that the number of people “fully vaccinated” had now risen to 38 million.

“Thanks to Almighty Allah, the number of vaccinations in the country has now exceeded 100 million.” Umar said. “It is very important that people who have taken a dose receive the second dose to be fully vaccinated,” he added.

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The achievement of this step was greeted by Dr Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister in charge of health. He said the government had done its best to protect the population from the coronavirus pandemic through an effective strategy.

“Pakistan is passing the milestone of administering 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine,” said Dr Sultan, the country’s de facto health minister. “The authorities administer 700,000 to one million vaccines daily. “

So far, Dr Sultan said, 67.9 million Pakistanis, who make up 45% of the country’s eligible population, have received at least one dose of the vaccine. He added that currently, the rate of administration of vaccine doses has been accelerated.

Umar also pointed out that a single dose or partial vaccination provides limited immunity against the deadly contagious disease while full vaccination is necessary for full protection against the disease.

He asked partially vaccinated people to be vaccinated for the second time against Covid-19 to complete their vaccination. He urged unvaccinated people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus for the safety of their families, society and themselves as soon as possible.

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Meanwhile, the NCOC in a tweet on its official account shared the latest disease statistics, describing the national positivity ratio down to 1.4%. He said that in the past 24 hours, an additional 552 people have tested positive for the contagious disease.

According to the forum, 1,648 Covid patients were under treatment in critical condition in various healthcare facilities dedicated to Covid across the country. Also in the past 24 hours, around 15 patients have died from the deadly virus. American cooperation

Meanwhile, Umar held a virtual meeting with the US Department of State’s Global Covid Response and Health Security Coordinator Gayle E Smith and briefed her on Pakistan’s efforts against the pandemic, including the vaccination campaign in progress.

During the meeting, the two sides agreed to remain committed to continuing bilateral collaboration in the health sector to achieve sustainable development, the Pakistani Embassy in Washington said in a statement.

The Minister stressed the need to learn from the experiences and collective lessons of the global response to Covid-19. He thanked the US government for its valuable support for Pakistan’s response to Covid-19, noting in particular the provision of Covid vaccines.

Gayle appreciated Pakistan’s efforts against Covid-19, saying Pakistan was an important partner in the fight against the pandemic. She said the US government has so far provided around 16 million doses of vaccination to Pakistan and is trying to increase that figure.


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