JCB offers Fastrac tractors with all new technology driven controls

JCB has launched the new Fastrac 4000 and 8000 series tractors featuring an all-new electronic infrastructure that delivers higher levels of performance and convenience while giving operators unprecedented choice in how they use their machine.

Fastracs from 175 hp to 348 hp (133 kW to 260 kW) feature the new iCON armrest console and touchscreen which provide exceptional flexibility in assigning controls and operator information, as well as a new transmission control strategy to deliver ultimate operator comfort and optimum powertrain efficiency. The tractors are also available with fully integrated ISOBUS, precise JCB GPS guidance and implement control apps which minimize the need for additional displays.

The new Fastrac iCON operator environment has three key features:

  • iCONFIGURE – create a tailored control experience for every operator
  • iCONNECT – incorporating advanced precision farming technology
  • iCONTROL – redefining operation with new transmission software

Above: The new Fastrac iCON offers a tailor-made control system for the operator

“We had three main objectives with this important project for JCB Fastrac: to create a bespoke operator experience; integrating electronic technology such as ISOBUS and GPS guidance; and redefining the already high level of operator control and ride comfort that the Fastrac offers,” said John Smith, Managing Director of JCB Agriculture. “At the same time, we wanted to maintain familiarity in terms of controls and information displays to ensure that existing users could quickly adapt to the new system. Feedback from our extensive development and testing work with evaluation customers shows that we have achieved all of these goals, making the Fastrac an even more compelling proposition in terms of performance, productivity and consumer appeal. ‘operator.

The iCON armrest console

At the heart of the new Fastrac iCON models is a new electronic infrastructure that allows a host of modern technology features to be fully integrated as standard or optional equipment.

The most obvious manifestation of this development is the new seat-mounted iCON armrest console and a 12-inch color touchscreen that can be positioned in front of the controls for easy viewing or moved to one side to maximize visibility at through the Fastrac’s large windshield.

The console houses a new primary joystick; assignable RGB LED color coded levers giving proportional control of electrically operated spool valves; PTO and hitch controls; an auxiliary joystick; and hard keys plus an encoder dial for a tactile alternative to touchscreen use.

Hydraulic functions can be freely assigned to the five main joystick buttons and also to a four-way auxiliary joystick with its four buttons and rocker switch, with LED color backlights identifying which valve is assigned to which control.

JCB’s new 12-inch high-definition touchscreen presents key information across five screens using crisp, clear graphics, with the basic run-screen layout designed to look familiar to current Fastrac users.

Swiping to the right brings up a more detailed operation screen that includes settings for up to six forward/reverse solenoid valves; two more retain critical vehicle status information while providing a remote camera view and ISOBUS 2 Universal Terminal screen; and a fifth screen is dedicated to JCB’s new satellite guidance and precision farming options.

JCB Headland Turn Assist now offers up to 50 individual sequences with up to 50 steps each, making life easier for the operator in different field operations.

In front of the operator, a new 7-inch all-digital instrument panel display provides speed and engine rpm readouts, as well as essential vehicle status information.

Above: Fastrac tractors offer Smart Transmission Control, a new speed-based system that allows operators to set the required ground speed

Choice of transmission control

Intelligent Transmission Control is a new speed-based system that allows operators to set the required ground speed and let the tractor do the hard work of balancing engine speed and gear ratio to achieve that speed under changing load.

For added convenience, joystick and pedal drive modes no longer need to be pre-selected – they are automatically selected when either control is used; and a unique feature allows operators to choose one of two input configurations when controlling the transmission using the joystick.

Current Fastrac operators may wish to use the JCB Classic setting, change ground speed by moving the joystick left and right, and select direction by moving it forwards and backwards.

Operators new to Fastrac may prefer the new JCB Pro format which transposes these functions – so push forward and pull back to change ground speed, move left to operate shuttle forward/reverse and move to the right to engage the new thumb wheel switch that provides very fine speed adjustments.

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