Mohamed Salah Liverpool’s contract deadline is approaching, but FSG already know the outcome of the £ 117million appeal

It seems, finally, that a new contract for Mohamed Salah is closer than ever.

The Egyptian king has been devastating in the first third of the season, scoring a ridiculous 21 goals in 22 games for Liverpool this season.

Salah’s extraordinary form has put pressure on the FSG to come up with the necessary package to tie Salah over the next four years of his club career, but things are moving slowly.

Salah publicly declared On several occasions he is keen to stay at the club and cement his legacy at Liverpool, openly stating that it is up to the club to decide their future.

Liverpool fans have grown increasingly agitated by the silence surrounding a new deal as the weeks and months go by. His contract, as most know at this point, expires at the end of next season.

A report of Football initiate says it appears the two sides are closer than ever to a deal on a renewal. The website claims FSG wanted Salah’s deal to be done by the start of the new year, and that Salah is asking for a salary in the order of £ 500,000 a week, a truly staggering sum.

The proposed new deal would see him stay at the club until his 34th birthday and be worth £ 117million over the life of the deal. If the deal is signed, it would put Salah firmly in the range of the highest paid players in the world, placing him roughly Kylian Mbappé in fourth place.

However, it remains to be seen at this point if those numbers would be a base salary, or if Salah’s salary would be slightly lower, with added incentives, such as bonus goals and assists, trophies won, and more. .

Either way, the numbers are tantalizing and would add a heavy burden to Liverpool’s already bloated salary structure.

The club are second in the Premier League payroll table, with only Manchester City ahead of them in the pecking order. This surprised many, given Liverpool’s reputation as a sparingly managed club. Because the club rarely spends money on the mega transfer fees, it has disguised the fact that they pay their players a lot more money which can often go unnoticed by fans.

Salah’s new contract would see him earn more than double the amount the club’s top employee, Virgil van Dijk, earns. Moreover, it would put a strain on Liverpool’s salary structure, with a salary-to-turnover ratio already at 66% (as of April 2021).

Yes, that ratio has been affected by the pandemic and is expected to decrease given the return of supporters to the stadiums, but Salah’s potential new deal would see that ratio skyrocket once again.

Such a sum of money would undoubtedly mean that players would have to be sold to fund the expansion. It was always thought that one of the Roberto Firmino or Sadio Mané would be allowed to leave the club, probably the Brazilian rather than the Senegalese.

Additionally, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Naby Keïta’s deals also expire in the summer of 2023, and one or both of them could be dropped.

Salah’s form warrants such a deal and rightly deserves to be among the highest paid artists in the world given his status as one of the best, but the cost to Liverpool’s salary structure could be very damaging in the long run. term. Yet you can also reverse the argument and believe that the FSG wouldn’t sanction a deal of this magnitude if they couldn’t afford it.

But to the delight of Liverpool fans, it looks like a deal is close to the finish line. It would be a nice Christmas present for many.

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