NCSW working to increase female quota to 10% in police

Islamabad: The Chairperson of the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), Nilofar Bakhtiar, said on Sunday that the Commission was working to increase the quota of women up to 10% in the police force with the aim to promote female leadership as an important gesture in society.

The NCSW president told APP that the Commission has noticed that currently only 2% of women are integrated into the police force recruitment process and that NCSW is focused on increasing this ratio.

She said the Pakistan National Commission on the Status of Women was the result of the women’s movement’s struggle for gender equality and continues to serve the gender justice agenda.

Bakhtiar added that the NCSW has successfully negotiated with groups with different interests by creating coalitions with dedicated bureaucrats, concerned politicians and strategic government bodies together to work on reforms and reduce the risks of collective action for the civil society activists.

The Commission’s initiatives have been successful when led by seasoned women activists who have used their leadership, experience and convening power to leverage the support of feminist mobilizations and civil society advocacy organizations to achieve political reforms, she said.

The commission’s ability to build coalitions among policy makers for urgent progress on women’s rights and mitigate risks to activists and women was urgently needed and NCSW would ensure the process through strong advocacy, underlined the president.

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