New Principal of Saugus Schools Describes Problems and Solutions

McMahon, who began work on July 1, based his findings for the district on community feedback and surveys of educators and parents that were completed in June of this year. She also organized more than 70 one-on-one meetings with staff, the school …

, how do they use their money to have a more effective impact on student achievement? ”

She also deepened the surveys of parents and educators.

“So we asked our parents, guardians and teachers, what would you focus on? McMahon said.

The majority of Saugus parents responded to the survey that they would recommend Saugus Public Schools to other families, McMahon said. However, McMahon found troubling that a quarter of parents do not recommend SPS.

Parents have indicated that they would like Saugus schools to focus on student achievement and social and emotional learning, McMahon said, while educators also named management and operations as areas of concern and concern. improvement.

“A lot of people felt that they were currently being pulled in many directions to teach students at different levels and that it was difficult,” McMahon said of the challenges for teachers.

Teachers complained that, especially in middle and high school, students did not finish their assignments, did not attend classes regularly and were often indifferent to their subjects.

McMahon concluded that it was not the problem of the quality or quantity of the staff, however. She said Saugus has enough staff and its classes have a low student-to-staff ratio of 20 children per class, which is similar to other towns in the region.

“It’s all about where and how we put our staff,” McMahon said.

She said Saugus schools are fully staffed with English-learning teachers and have a relatively experienced workforce.

“Only 5% of our teachers are considered inexperienced, which is below the state average. So that means we have a highly qualified teaching workforce in terms of certification, ”said McMahon.

To address all of these issues, McMahon said, she plans to survey students in the spring of 2022 and prepare to present a strategic plan with one to three goals for the next five years, which will be presented to the school committee in the fall. She is also keen to find collaborations to prepare students for college and for future careers, as less than 25% of Saugus students enroll in advanced placement courses.

“And then finally, deepen our curriculum, ensuring that we have high-quality teaching materials in every subject and at every level,” McMahon said as the government provided time-limited funding for the teaching materials.

The district will also launch a new website between the early holidays of the year to improve communication with parents, McMahon said.

At the end of her presentation, she shared her team’s vision for empowering and preparing students to be competitive in a globalized society by providing them with grade-appropriate homework, solid teaching, deep engagement, and teachers with expectations. high.

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