The position and offer of loan companies on the financial services market is becoming stronger. Increasing standards of granting loans strengthen their market position. Loan companies currently meet the highest business and ethical standards. Most of them are members of the Polish Association of Loan Institutions, which means that they have undergone a multi-stage assessment and meticulous verification. They successfully represent nearly 80 percent. the non-bank e-loans market in Poland.

Modern technological solutions in the field of IT are conducive to the growing sales of loans in terms of the quantity and quality of services rendered. Quick service and attractive offer makes IT solutions the first line in selling short-term loans. It’s hard not to notice the offers of free loans that are offered online only by loan companies. It is nothing more than a refund of the same loan amount without interest during the contractual period accepted by both parties to the contract.

The market of loans granted via the internet outside the bank is growing rapidly. In the era of mobile solutions, it can be assumed that loan companies will soon lead the sale of short-term loans online.

The offer of loan companies

The offer of loan companies 

The offer of loan companies in their business strategy is focused on maximizing profit while maintaining a safe level of credit risk. In recent years, to diversify this risk, most loan companies have started to use the group databases.

However, they treat the information obtained from the above databases slightly differently than banks do. Negative entries do not always close the way to a loan. The companies have their own customer assessment techniques, they allow loans despite negative entries. This liberal interpretation of customer assessment has allowed loan companies to maintain a balance between sales and fraud prevention.

Loan companies – variety of loan offers

Non-bank loan companies have been betting on for years. Their success on the financial services market is mainly due to using the technological potential in the financial sector. The combination of IT solutions verifying creditworthiness and quick access to credit have meant that they are at the forefront of companies providing the most loans online.

Technology solutions for today are half the success of these institutions. The other half is of course the offer and speed of customer service. The borrowers’ confidence in loan companies is growing, which affects the number of loans granted. Borrowers also appreciate new technological opportunities to facilitate their access to loans.