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Updated version of Projector1 online projector calculator

NEW YORK, United States, October 29, 2021 / – Projector1, a site specializing in projectors, has updated its projector calculator this month.

Compared to the previous version, the new online version projector Projector1’s calculator has a much simpler user interface that is easier to use and understand.

Specifically, Projector1’s new online projector calculator adds many small icons (question marks) to the left side of the input box.

In addition, Projector1 adds many detailed explanations of projector terms at the bottom of the online calculator, which is useful for some new to projector. For example, the meaning of throw ratio, screen size and aspect ratio.

Projector1’s online projector calculator also features dynamic illustration, which makes obscure projector terms easier.

It has the following 3 main characteristics.

Calculation of projection / screen size
1. Select the throw ratio and fill in the throw distance.
2. By clicking on the Calculate button, the corresponding screen size is displayed.

Calculating the projection distance
1. Select the throw ratio and fill in the desired screen size.
2. By clicking on the Calculate button, the corresponding projection distance is displayed.

Calculating the best viewing distance
1. Select the projection report and fill in one of the blanks.
2. By clicking on the Calculate button, the best viewing distance will be indicated.

Compared with other online projector calculators, Projector1’s online calculator is suitable for calculating different brands of projector. It is easy to understand and use. Even beginner projectors can quickly learn the operating methods and terms of the projector.

Get more information about the calculator on its official website:

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