Rhonda Rebman Lopez ‘skeptical’ of main HD 120 result, weighing lawsuit over attack and ‘slander’

Key Largo businesswoman and two-time House District 120 candidate Rhonda Rebman Lopez fell just before knocking down the outgoing rep. Jim Mooney last Tuesday. Now she’s thinking of taking legal action for “slander” in a attack announcement which aired on television before primary election day.

The ad in question, paid for by the Florida House Republican Campaign Committee, debuted in late July. He described Lopez as a “RINO” (Republican in name only) and quoted several Florida Political stories linking anti-Mooney ads broadcast in HD 120 to the political committee of disgraced former mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum.

Lopez already pushed back on charges, she and Gillum are in cahoots, touting her GOP good faith and claiming she’s never met him. But that’s not what bothers him the most.

On the contrary, it is mentioned towards the end of the short video that she accepted traceable money from the Venezuelan president. by Nicolas Maduro socialist regime.

Lopez was indeed the subject of a related article campaign finance complaint by the Miami-Dade Democratic Party during the 2020 election cycle. The complaint stemmed from a $1,000 donation his campaign received from Interamerican Consulting, which The New York Times found had links to PDVSAa Venezuelan oil company controlled by Maduro.

Lopez kept the contributionexplaining to Florida Politics that the money came from a check she received from the former Republican U.S. Representative’s “schoolteacher and Democrat” sister. David Rivera. It turned out that Rivera’s sister actually served as an officer with Interamerican.

In March 2021, the Florida Elections Commission ruled against the Miami-Dade Democratic Party after finding the complaint was “legally insufficientbecause it was based on “hearsay” and “speculation”.

That hasn’t stopped the Florida House GOP from using that claim against her, said Lopez, who said she may sue.

“They used it on TV — on ESPN, the Weather Channel, Fox News,” she told Florida Politics.

“I’m considering a defamation suit because all I have is time and money, and that’s a dangerous combination. I don’t bow to this corruption. The FEC ruled that it was a lie based on hearsay and garbage, but Mooney and his campaign made it look like it was true when they knew it was in my favor.

Lopez added that she was wary of the Republican primary result for HD 120, which saw her lose just 90 votes following an automatic recount after the initial tally showed just 43 votes separating her. by Moony.

“They miraculously found (47) more votes,” she said. “I’m very skeptical about how it turned out.”

She added, “I was called and told they didn’t care if it cost them a million dollars, they were going to make sure I didn’t win this election. And they did. They found the voices. And they lied.

Mooney said he was not shocked that the race was tight, “especially given the low turnout in Monroe County.” Nor was he surprised by the “continental vote” of Miami Dade County this favored Lopez by a ratio of nearly two to one.

“That’s something I’ll rectify next time,” he said.

Regarding ads linking his campaign to Maduro, he noted the only ads extracted airwaves were those broadcast in his name.

“None of our ads were taken down because we didn’t mention it,” he said. “She said she wouldn’t return the money from Venezuela – not directly from Venezuela, but she moved. (Meanwhile) we’ve had a lot of ads here that she ran because that they were manifestly false and misleading.

“I’m not lying about our opponents. They are what they are and they do what they do. We ran a TV ad that was factual, and anyone who wants to dig deeper into that can definitely dive into it.

Mooney, a former Islamorada mayor and village council member, now faces a Democratic ‘anti-corruption’ lawyer sweet adamwon last Tuesday with more than 55% of the vote.

Mooney described Gentle as “a level-headed guy who just moved to the Keys”. Kind, who in January past a race for Congress to a campaign for HD 120, lived about 10 miles north of Key West for a year. He previously lived in Los Angeles.

“I don’t know if he knows much about the issues we face in other parts of our district or, for that matter, the issues in the northern part, but he is very articulate and I don’t know. I have nothing to say about him other than the fact that I met him a few times, he was a gentleman to me and vice versa,” Mooney said, adding that he would like to see that mutual cordiality extend into the general election. .

“I hope some of this nastiness that needs to be out there stops. If not, we will be prepared for it.

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