Tunisia: lower interest rates are not the key to economic recovery (Minister of the Economy)

Tunis / Tunisia – Lowering interest rates would not help economic recovery, Economy and Planning Minister Samir Saied said, adding that it would lead to an inflationary spiral.

Speaking at a press conference held in Tunis on Tuesday, the minister said the government cannot move towards massive public investment, especially with a debt ratio of 85%.

“We must preserve the value of the dinar, which must not depreciate further, especially since we must preserve the major financial balances. We are considering solutions to the large blocked projects,” he said.

Saied underlined the importance of putting in place mechanisms to preserve the current industrial fabric, which has deteriorated considerably, and of providing the necessary support to businesses.

The objective is to achieve economic growth which will increase resources, improve purchasing power and activate the economic circuit.

He underlined the complexity of the laws and the slowness of the procedures, stressing the importance of streamlining them through digitization and coordination between the different parties.

The Minister announced the launch of a platform dedicated to investors in the coming weeks.

As for startups, he indicated that several investment funds will be launched to finance new projects and promote the knowledge economy and the financing of capital.

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